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We Need Encouragement Not Sympathy

Bavishya Deepam helps Thousands of Children in India to escape from poverty and provides care and assistance for Boys and Girls of all ages

Our Care

Bavisya Deepam  is involved in rehabilitation of the mentally challenged persons at Old Perungulathur in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu.

Basvisya Deepam  aims at providing upliftment to the mentally challenged childrens in the society and taking care of them life long.  The community can develop only when the members of the community are aware of their problems, making them enabled to participate in the process that leads to development through leadership.

Basvisya Deepam  is a Trust formed by Mr. Balasubramanina with the noble aim to make a great difference in the life of the mentally challenged people.
Mr R. Balasubramanian  along with the help of his dedicated team carries out various program for caring and as a part of rehabilitation of his mentally challenged inmates.


How We Care

The residential school inmates are being assessed for their IQ Strength based on their IQ Strength appropriate rehabilitation program are being planned and executed to cater the need for the children’s.

On assessment of IQ Strength, the mentally challenged children’s are divided in to three major groups:
(i). Educatable
(ii). Trainable and
(iii). Custodial.